Verbal Diarrhea (quinnscousin) wrote in stopthefic,
Verbal Diarrhea

My Turn

As co-moderator of this little community, I feel I have a comment to make to this sudden surge in backlash. This is not a serious hatred here, people. This was made out of fun in response to the numerous livejournal communities dedicated to fan fiction. This is also due to having friends that were so obsessed with fan fiction that all they would talk about is fan fiction.
With that in mind, there are many places for people who like fan fiction to go to. Try here. We all need to take a deep breath here. I have never commented in any of the fan fiction communities on livejournal declaring my dislike of fan fiction. I have an outlet for any annoyance of fan fiction - this community! We're a very small community compared to the numerous communities out there. If you don't like what we're saying you can always look away or not join. The fan fiction pointed out in this community is usually very extreme examples or something very comical like the community dedicated to Roy Orbison being wrapped in cling film.
So in conclusion...I'm sleepy! Can't we all just get along? Please?
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