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Come On People

We're not four year olds here, we're all adults. Now I'd hate to be the type of moderator that would have to check each and every post and each and every comment to make sure the rules are being followed. I like the idea of free discussion and debate, not the idea that everything needs to be approved by one person. Now, I just want to reiterate some of the rules that don't seem to be being followed:

3. Feel free to debate the merits of fanfic. We welcome fanfic writers to share their views, but we do not welcome them to share their stories. Healthy debate is encouraged, but please, be respectful (see Rule #4).

4. Be respectful of our views and our hatred of this medium, and also be respectful of the views of others who may disagree with us.

6. Have a sense of humor! Yes, we are serious in our hatred of fanfic, but even we'll laugh at the really bad stuff (well, laugh at the writers, anyway). So sit back and enjoy.

I don't expect to change anyone's mind concerning fanfic, I'd just like to tell people why I hate it and try to explain my reasons, in the hopes that someone could at least understand my thoughts, even if they disagree with them. I don't want this community to turn into a big bitching ground, where we all personally insult one another. I really think it's possible to have rational discussions with people who have different viewpoints. But being a moderator for this community is really starting to make me wonder about that...

Please don't accuse me of being biased here toward any member of the community, I'm addressing this to everyone. I really don't think these childish arguments are getting us anywhere.
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