Claw (scarletclaw) wrote in stopthefic,

New Topic For Debate

So in recent discussions the topic of historical fiction has come up, i.e. using real people from history in fictitious situations. This is common in films. Agilebrit pointed out "Shanghai Knights" using Arthur Conan Doyle and Charlie Chaplin. I know in "Ever After" they had someone portray Leonardo da Vinci, and in "A Knight's Tale" Geoffrey Chaucer was portrayed as a crazy drunk (although that movie was obviously trying to be fictional, as reality was distorted many times, particularly medieval people singing Queen's "We Will Rock You"). Could this be considered real person fic, or whatever you people call it? I don't know the terms, frankly the proper lingo doesn't interest me.

Of course there are situations where the original person oversees the film as an autobiography and even makes a brief appearance, like "Catch Me If You Can" (Frank Abagnale Jr.) and "American Splendor" (Harvey Pekar). Then there are those films based on autobiographies, like "Girl Interrupted".

But what about unauthorized biographies? Or what about films and novels that completely distort the truth about someone long dead with unproven theories? Is that considered a type of fanfic? I think someone said in another post the dead can't sue. What do you all think of that?
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