You all should.. (dj_stfu) wrote in stopthefic,
You all should..


This comm has already hit Fandom Wank. Congrats!

I actually agree with the philosophy of this comm. I recently went ballistic to this kind of crap. The argument used constantly is, "If you don't like it, don't read it!" I'm not reading this crap. This is just an attempt to stop some people's eyes from being burned within their skulls!
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You go sister (brother?). Join us, the proud and free. We are disgusted by fanfic. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't read it if I don't like it, but maybe you shouldn't make something so horrible sounds so damn intriguing. And maybe, just maybe, you should get a life and make up your own characters.

Ha, and maybe they should just die. Anyways welcome, and feel free to add to our small, but growing collection.
Ha! I had no clue that anyone actually found our community, I added lots of interests hoping people would randomly find it. It's just annoying, feels like we're in the minority here, everyone out there loves fanfic so much and I really just can't stand it. It just bugs me, if I were famous I wouldn't want people writing sick fiction about me and sharing it with the world. And since there didn't seem to be any other anti-fic communities, we started this one. Welcome!!
Wait, wait.

Are you anti-FPF (fictional person fic; media fan fiction) or anti-RPF (real person fic)? You're talking about two diffferent things there . . . and if you haven't been able to find anti-RPF communities, well, you haven't been looking.
Where are anti-RPF communities? I did look, wasn't sure what to look under though. We're against both, but mostly real person stuff. Any links you could send would be great, thanks!
...that question disturbs me greatly.
Ooopsy! I got caught up in getting yelled at by people who are way too into fan fiction. Welcome to the community! *offers a cookie*
Can I have a cookie too, please?
Cookies for all!