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Wow, this is so exciting. I can't believe people have found our little community. But it's occured to me that some people are afraid to join our community because they think that we will be unfriendly toward them. I think we all need to remember that we're in this world together and as Homey the Clown would say "Why can't we all just get along?" We're genuinely nice people here, just sarcastic from time to time.

Anyway, our community is slowly blossoming, and I hope someday we turn into a beautiful flower. Until then, an explanation of the stopthefic icon and another reason I hate fanfic:

Buffy's Sanguine Nipples. What does this mean? Frankly, I'm not sure. But that imagery (along with a certain tragic event I really don't want to get into right now, it's too painful to talk about) inspired my hatred of fanfic.

All I know is that a certain sexless creature from another planet used to spend all of her/his time locked in her/his room avoiding real people and writing Buffy fanfic. I believe he/she also liked to write about the girl from Seventh Heaven "with the nice rack". Or maybe he/she just liked to have dreams about her.

Well, whatever the case, this creature would send me its stories and even though I explained many times that I did not understand, as I never watched an episode of Buffy before in my life, it would not stop taunting me and sending me more... and more...

After reading about Buffy's nipples and how well the show used "pockets of time" I realized that I was put here on this earth for a reason: to stomp out this kind of unoriginal garbage. I did not choose this path, but rather it was chosen for me.

I was chosen to do it, and do it I shall. All I can do is ask for your help. Join my cause. Help me fulfil my life's work, as Gregory Peck would say, "for the love of God!"
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