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A challenge to the community:

From the info page:
We're creative types who prefer originality in writing and we hate to see the creations of fellow artists and writers ruined by talentless individuals who place their original characters in disgusting or just stupid situations. Our basic motto: be original!!

Okay. According to the creators of this community, people who write fanfiction are "talentless." However, the creators of this community are "creative people"--and from that I gather you think you're pretty talented.

So, here's the challenge: Pick a fandom. Any fandom. Something you're very familiar with. Now...write a story within that fandom, with no original characters, but keeping the canon characters in character. No smut, and no stupid situations. It can be something as simple (heh) as a character reflecting about events that just happened. Do 1000-1500 words (more if you like). It shouldn't take more than a week.

You think it's easy? You try it.
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