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Stop the Madness!

Before it's too late

Stop the Madness!!
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Do you hate fanfic? So do we! We hate it, we think it is the worst atrocity since Barbra Streisand, and this community is for those of you who share our views on this unnecessary evil that is pervading our lives on a daily basis.

We're creative types who prefer originality in writing and we hate to see the creations of fellow artists and writers ruined by talentless individuals who place their original characters in disgusting or just stupid situations. Our basic motto: be original!!

We're even more disgusted by fanfic written about real people, like celebrities, where they're put in humiliating or perverse situations. Keep your sick fantasies to yourself!

We hope this community will turn into a place where we can share our disgust of fanfic, and also share completely original fiction.

Here are the basic guidelines:


2. OK, let's expand upon Rule #1. I suppose you can post links to really, really, really bad fanfic, if it's so bad it's funny, but only behind a cutline, and only with a warning.

3. Feel free to debate the merits of fanfic. We welcome fanfic writers to share their views, but we do not welcome them to share their stories. Healthy debate is encouraged, but please, be respectful (see Rule #4).

4. Be respectful of our views and our hatred of this medium, and also be respectful of the views of others who may disagree with us.

5. You are encouraged to post any original fiction (stories, poetry, essays, etc.), but anything long should be placed behind a cutline. Also, anything above a PG-13 rating should be behind a cutline, with a warning. Feel free to share personal stories of fanfic horror.

6. Have a sense of humor! Yes, we are serious in our hatred of fanfic, but even we'll laugh at the really bad stuff (well, laugh at the writers, anyway). So sit back and enjoy.

Your moderators,

Daws </a></b></a>quinnscousin & Claws </a></b></a>scarletclaw

One last thing: Daws and Claws are huge Wes Anderson / Owen Wilson fans, so you'll have to excuse all the random references to their films. Wes and Owen in no way endorse this community or the hatred of fanfic, at least as far as I can tell. I've never met them to ask about it.

"What are these made out of, cactus?"

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"Did you ever have a touch to lose, man?"